Fight against corona: curevac: suspend patents for vaccines

Curevac boss Franz-Werner Haas wants to promote international cooperation. Photo: AFP / THOMAS KIENZLE

The head of the Tubingen biotech company Curevac is in favor of not letting the patents expire in the fight against Corona, but suspending them for a short time. This allows research to work faster.

Stuttgart – Franz-Werner Haas, the CEO of the Tubingen biotech company Curevac, calls for close international cooperation to promote the further development of a corona vaccine. In addition to sharing study data on the effectiveness of existing vaccines, it also includes the suspension of patents, he told our newspaper. The patents should be granted in principle, but suspended in the pandemic phase. He is following a recommendation of the World Trade Organization (WTO). "We need each other," says Curevac founder Ingmar Hoerr about combating the pandemic. "The board we are drilling is just too thick."

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Fight against coronavirus: spahn relies on rapid tests

The number of test options for the coronavirus is gradually growing. Federal Health Minister Spahn is now holding out the prospect of a new variant. In the ARD he speaks of additional staffing needs in health authorities.

In the corona pandemic, tests for at home could also be used in Germany in the future. You will see more and more additions to the test options in the next few weeks and months, said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn after a conference with the health ministers of the federal states. "It will – I cannot tell you exactly when, but foreseeable because the companies are working on it – also be able to give the home test." Spahn did not name a point in time. We’ll see whether that will be in four, eight, twelve or 16 weeks, "but I’m very sure we’ll see".

According to Spahn, such a home test would first have to be approved by the authorities because Covid-19 is a reportable disease. With a view to the new test strategy announced for mid-October, Spahn said he was confident that so-called antigen tests could be used "in addition in large millions per month". It is currently being clarified who will pay the costs.

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With a little help from my friends peer effects in education

Our recent research uncovers peer effects in education as distinct from the contextual and other correlated influences. Our econometric strategy uses the topological structure of internet sites and network fixed effects to recognize each one of these effects separately.

Our analysis is manufactured possible through a distinctive database on friendship networks from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health (AddHealth). The AddHealth database has been made to study the impact of the social environment (i.e. friends, family, neighbourhood and school) on adolescents’ behaviour in america by collecting data on students in grades 7-12 from a nationally representative sample of roughly 130 private and public schools in years 1994-95 (wave I). A subset of adolescents selected from the rosters of the sampled schools, was then interviewed again in 1995-96 (wave II), in 2001-2 (wave III), and again in 2007-2008 (wave IV). For our purposes, the most interesting facet of the AddHealth data may be the friendship information, which is situated upon actual friend nominations. It really is collected at wave I, i.e. when individuals were at school. Indeed, pupils were asked to recognize their finest friends from a school roster (up to five males and five females). Subsequently, we can reconstruct the complete geometric structure of the friendship networks.

In Calvó-Armengol et al. (2008), we exploit such information to check a peer-effect model which relates analytically equilibrium behaviour to network location. This analysis implies that the structure of friendships ties can be an important, therefore far unnoticed, determinant of a pupil performance at school. In Patacchini et al. (2011), we follow this type of research by exploiting the other AddHealth waves as a way to investigate whether such effect is carried as time passes. Indeed, the longitudinal structure of the survey provides information on both respondents and friends through the adulthood. Specifically, the questionnaire of wave IV contains detailed information on the best education qualification achieved.

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Fight against corona: chancellery wants regional differences

No broad relaxation, but greater regional differences in the fight against corona – that is the course of the federal government. NRW Prime Minister Laschet is promoting relaxation and pointing out damage to the measures.

The federal government does not expect a broad and uniform relaxation of the corona measures. This emerges from an interim balance of the previous restrictions by Chancellery Minister Helge Braun, which was sent to the MPs of the grand coalition last Friday and from which the news agency dpa quoted.

Accordingly, it says in the letter that when reviewing the measures with the federal states "it must also be taken into account that the epidemic does not spread evenly in Germany, but that the situation may vary from region to region". This could mean "that restrictions in certain regions must be maintained or tightened again after loosening them in the meantime," continues Braun. In order to avoid overloading the health system in the long term, it is "too early" to lift the contact restrictions..

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The roots of health inequality and the value of intra-family expertise

The roots of health inequality and the worthiness of intra-family expertise

Yiqun Chen, Petra Persson, Maria Polyakova

Poorer folks have worse health at birth, are sicker in adulthood, and die younger than richer people. Aside from socioeconomic status, contact with informal health expertise could also affect health. Using data from Sweden, this column examines whether having a doctor in the family impacts health. It concludes that differences in contact with informal health expertise can take into account a number of the observed patterns of health inequality, even within an environment with universal medical health insurance and equal formal usage of healthcare.

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Fight against coronavirus: how the armed forces and churches are helping

The Bundeswehr now also wants to intervene more intensively in the fight against the corona virus. Reservists are to be used in Bundeswehr hospitals. The churches face a very special challenge.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has promised to help the Bundeswehr in the fight against the new type of corona virus. "We plan at all levels in such a way that we can safely cover all critical areas – including what administrative assistance is in store for us," said Kramp-Karrenbauer of "Welt am Sonntag".

Reservists for Bundeswehr hospitals

The Bundeswehr has just called on its reservists to report to help in the Bundeswehr hospitals. The Bundeswehr is already providing administrative assistance to the Federal Ministry of Health with its procurement office, said Kramp-Karrenbauer.

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Background: what’s in the aid package for cyprus?

The rescue package for Cyprus is in place. Loans of ten billion euros only flow when the banking sector shrinks and the wealthy are asked to pay. But the list of austerity requirements for Cyprus is also long. Some cuts are hitting citizens hard. An overview of the most important points:

Auxiliary loans: The aid package from international donors includes up to ten billion euros. The euro stability mechanism ESM is to provide nine billion euros. The International Monetary Fund wants to participate with a loan of one billion euros. The first money flowed in May 2013 – after the necessary approval of the Bundestag and other national parliaments.

Of the ten billion euros in loan support, 4.1 billion euros are to be used to repay loans and repay expiring government bonds. 3.4 billion euros are reserved to fill the gaps in Cyprus’ budgets in the coming years. The remaining 2.5 billion euros are to be used to provide the banking sector beyond the two largest institutions – the Bank of Cyprus and the Laiki Bank – with new capital. It was expressly stated that the auxiliary loans may not be used as capital aid for the Laiki Bank and the Bank of Cyprus. The money needed to rebuild these two banks will have to be raised by their owners and major investors.

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Politics in times of corona: harmony instead of opposition

There is seldom unity between the government and the opposition in Corona times. The government makes – large parts of the opposition praise. The question remains – how long?

By Janina Luckoff, ARD capital studio

What is opposition? In the Duden dictionary it says: "Opposition: party [s], group [s] whose members reject the politics of the ruling party [s], group [s]."

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6 Top professional website builders for smaller businesses

Building your site is important, but imagine if you can’t afford to generate an unbiased website designer? There are many options you could find from a free of charge builders list to benefit from today.

To provide you with an insight into a few of the possibilities, this guide will show you a few of the top picks that you need to consider. With 77 percent believing an unhealthy website is a weakness, you will need the proper builder.

Which of the top professional website builders do you want to use for your enterprise website today?

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6 Top mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to proceed instead

Every entrepreneurial journey is exclusive, however the mistakes entrepreneurs make aren’t.

The procedure of planning, launching and running your own business is a heady time, filled with extended hours and exciting challenges. Pure adrenaline, excitement and sometimes plenty of caffeine propel new entrepreneurs through hazy days that often come across each other. Some days, it feels as though there isn’t time to breathe, significantly less reflect.

That’s why it’s imperative to pinpoint the known danger spots that may trap new entrepreneurs before they get caught by those traps. Listed below are six top mistakes new entrepreneurs often make, along with tips about list of positive actions instead.

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