Backstage in the theater in the old town: stage technician maximilian zeindlmeier: “spaces are created through light”

Maximilian Zeindlmeier creates between lighting moods in an average stage production of around two hours. He has been a stage technician at the theater in the old town for eight years.

Maximilian Zeindlmeier has been a stage technician at the Theater der Altstadt for eight years. A special challenge for him as a lighting technician: the "Brandner Kaspar". Photo: Sabine Haymann

Sometimes the art is particularly successful when no one has noticed. Or who watches how often the lighting moods change in the course of a play? Just. Maximilian Zeindlmeier creates between lighting moods in an average, around two-hour stage production in the theater in the old town. For a musical, he reveals, it can even be up to 130, including effect lighting.

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6 Traits of a maverick that produce for successful entrepreneurs

Are you often told that you truly “think beyond the box?” Do you won’t play by the guidelines, instead preferring to take your own plan of action to get results?

Well, you could be a maverick! According to a remarkable study published in the British Journal of Psychology by Elliroma Gardiner and Chris J. Jackson, employees with “maverickism” could be a company’s secret weapon for success.

Gardiner and Jackson’s research targets mavericks at work, but their findings can simply be employed to entrepreneurs aswell. Their research backs up what most of us have regarded as true all along: Those people who are willing to do something, come out of their safe place and risk doing things a bit differently in search of a goal will be the ones who will change lives.

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6 Top tools to transform your articles marketing in 2018

You know about influencer marketing and, um, the Kardashians. But, how about tools such as for example GrooveJar and Almighty Press?

This past year virtually blew by. But, in 2018, you have a chance to start fresh, using new marketing strategies and proven tactical tools. What worked in 2017? What didn’t? What should be changed to improve traffic, leads, revenue and, of course, value?

4 Trends WHICH WILL Shape (or Continue steadily to Shape) Content Marketing in 2018

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6 Top mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to proceed instead

Every entrepreneurial journey is exclusive, however the mistakes entrepreneurs make aren’t.

The procedure of planning, launching and running your own business is a heady time, filled with extended hours and exciting challenges. Pure adrenaline, excitement and sometimes plenty of caffeine propel new entrepreneurs through hazy days that often come across each other. Some days, it feels as though there isn’t time to breathe, significantly less reflect.

That’s why it’s imperative to pinpoint the known danger spots that may trap new entrepreneurs before they get caught by those traps. Listed below are six top mistakes new entrepreneurs often make, along with tips about list of positive actions instead.

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3 Social media lessons from ford

To create real results and accomplish long-term goals over social media, businesses have to think beyond simple, one-off campaigns and make a normal commitment to marketing and customer engagement on social media. That’s what Ford Motor Co.’s global head of social media, Scott Monty, said today at the "Social Wheels in Motion" session during Social Media Week, which kicked off yesterday in NEW YORK.

With nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter, Monty blogs about social media and is rolling out a reputation among the top thought leaders on everything social.

Examining a few of the campaigns he’s managed at Ford, Monty offered attendees some lessons for managing social media for brands. Listed below are three of his top takeaways:

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3 Social media hacks to greatly help your articles go viral

Hint: Targeting emotions is key.

Whether you possess a nonprofit or a social impact company, your cause deserves mass exposure. Sometimes, it could feel challenging to work with social media to unlock this. With so many competing causes and companies, a lot of it can feel just like white noise. Fortunately, because of today’s social media accessibility, it’s easier than ever before to get shares and more eyes on your own cause’s content. A recently available report by Statistica discovered that 95 percent of adults follow a brand online. Social media isn’t simply for friends and social engagements anymore.

Achieving virality is fairly random, but here are a few social media hacks that may get you closer. Used consistently as time passes, these hacks can – at the minimum – garner your cause more exposure than all of your previous social media efforts.

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Improve how your business communicates for only $20 per month

Have a look at this internal communication system that spans both devices and locales when necessary, and without spending a lot of money.

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature services and products that we think you will discover interesting and useful. In the event that you purchase them, Entrepreneur gets a little share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

Chewing the fat. Dropping a line. Touching base. Shooting the breeze. Talking turkey. Keeping someone posted.

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Improve how you schedule your time and effort with these 10 productivity tips from elon musk

Musk sacrifices for productivity because he believes his work is essential to saving civilization.

Elon Musk is apparently the most productive — or at least busiest — people on earth. As the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, he’s busy enough, but add focusing on high-visibility projects just like the Hyperloop and Neuralink, and it’s really amazing what he’s in a position to do as an individual.

He’s fully committed himself to such a bunch of challenges due to his deep concentrate on the future of our world. Musk believes the task he’s doing is crucial for our species to survive.

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Improv and comedy can infuse companies with an inventive spirit

Entrepreneurship doesn’t need to be about big egos, stuffy board meetings, solemn faces and high-strung, apocalyptic attitudes. Every once in awhile, companies like Google, Unilever and Liberty Mutual have employed a good amount of comedic talent, in line with the Boston Globe.

On the top, business and comedy cannot be more different. However the performance skill sets found in comedy routines are directly highly relevant to creating and maintaining a solid business culture. Straight-laced corporate culture is now a thing of days gone by as sketch comedy makes its mark on the business enterprise world.

Improv training can teach startup founders and future entrepreneurs something or two about getting together with employees, investors and mentors. That’s why my startup-accelerator organization, MassChallenge, welcomed its latest class of startup finalists with an improv group readily available to lead workout sessions.

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