Fight against child pornography: raid against 50 suspects

After the raids in connection with the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex yesterday, the investigators released details. There are two women among the 50 suspects. No arrest warrants were carried out.

There were raids in twelve federal states against 50 suspects who are said to have owned or distributed child pornographic material – after the police action in the vicinity of the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex yesterday, the investigators in Cologne gave details.

Accordingly, 60 objects were searched during the action, as the head of the "Berg" investigative commission, Michael Esser, announced. 1,000 police officers were on duty and more than 2,000 pieces of evidence were seized. Among other things, these are data carriers, said Esser. The evaluation will take up a lot of time. Among other things, safes were also secured.

According to Esser, the raids were directed against 48 men and 2 women. Everyone was at large again and no arrest warrants had been carried out. The action on Tuesday was the largest of the "Berg" investigative commission, which was founded to investigate the Bergisch Gladbach abuse scandal. The suspects are not suspected of having abused children themselves.

30,000 tracks so far

The police had tracked down the 50 suspects through a messenger service that was used in the Krefeld district, reported Esser. In cooperation with the operator, the real names behind the pseudonyms were gradually uncovered in intensive investigative work.

In the course of police work to date, international networks have been uncovered in which more than 30,000 leads are investigated that could lead to suspects who have abused children or obtained and distributed child pornography.

"Every picture is a victim of abuse"

"We never give up the fight against pedagogues," emphasized Esser. "We are putting more and more pieces of the puzzle together to identify children and perpetrators." The goal is to end "the suffering of the children" as quickly as possible.

"Every picture is a victim of abuse," said the investigator. The police will certainly not be able to identify all suspects, "but we will pull out all the stops".