Fight against money laundering: scholz defends cash transactions

Scholz: Not so many. Neither do we either – at least I suspect. But therefore it is still right that we try to create a structure in which we can monitor this. We do that with the things that are happening now. This is a great step forward after many have longed for. Now it is coming about and for now I am happy.

daily topics: Do you have specific information about the money launderers? How many terrorists and mafiosi are here in the market?

Scholz: One can only appreciate that. But there is reason to be very serious here. And so I hope that public coverage of the law can help prevent too much resistance to legislation. Because some have already criticized that the law is far too strict. I think it’s spot on.

The interview was conducted by Pinar Atalay, Tagesthemen. It was shortened and edited for the written version. You can see the entire interview in the video in this text.