Improve how your business communicates for only $20 per month

Have a look at this internal communication system that spans both devices and locales when necessary, and without spending a lot of money.

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Chewing the fat. Dropping a line. Touching base. Shooting the breeze. Talking turkey. Keeping someone posted.

Regardless of what you call it, communicating effectively is an essential life skill for the reason that it facilitates the sharing of information and cultivates lasting relationships. Nowhere is this more true than at work, where productive and perspicuous transmissions of ideas has shown to unlock success. According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, for example, improving communication and collaboration within a company can increase employees’ productivity by 20 to twenty five percent.

The truth is, establishing and maintaining this type of interactive workplace could be challenging in modern working environments, where remote/mobile work and bring your own device (BYOD) policies are swiftly becoming typical. Can you really implement a well-oiled internal communication system that spans both devices and locales when necessary, and without spending a lot of money or jeopardizing employee/company data?

With RingCentral, it sure is.

RingCentral is a feature-packed, secure, cloud-based VoIP phone system where your employees’ smartphones are built-into your business phone network. Setup is easy and fast; by using a RingCentral implementation specialist, you’ll plug your IP desk phones and computers into your office’s web connection, then have your employees download the RingCentral app. The complete process wraps up per day or less – and you will get started for $19.99.

Once your employees install the app, they’ll get in touch to the RingCentral cloud platform, that will allow them to execute a thorough lineup of tasks from their personal smartphones or computers (saving time and resources on your own part). Which includes making business calls, checking their office voicemail, instant messaging, sharing screens, sending and receiving business faxes and texts, accessing the business directory, and even establishing or joining voice conferences and online meetings. Plus they don’t have even to use their personal number to take action: With RingCentral, incoming calls are automatically routed through your office’s network; your employees could keep their business identities despite the fact that they’re utilizing their own devices.

As the manager of a RingCentral system, you’ll manage to oversee all users across all locations on your own pc or smartphone, and during the cloud. You’ll also have the ability to create an auto-receptionist, generate call reports, and integrate your RingCentral system with other applications your business uses, such as for example Dropbox and Salesforce.

These features and functions would normally require multiple separate providers and a complex system of technologies, but with RingCentral, you have them all using one user-friendly interface – and for a fraction of the purchase price. For just another couple of days, Entrepreneur readers can join a RingCentral arrange for less than $19.99 per month.