Fight against money laundering: scholz defends cash transactions

Scholz: Not so many. Neither do we either – at least I suspect. But therefore it is still right that we try to create a structure in which we can monitor this. We do that with the things that are happening now. This is a great step forward after many have longed for. Now it is coming about and for now I am happy.

daily topics: Do you have specific information about the money launderers? How many terrorists and mafiosi are here in the market?

Scholz: One can only appreciate that. But there is reason to be very serious here. And so I hope that public coverage of the law can help prevent too much resistance to legislation. Because some have already criticized that the law is far too strict. I think it’s spot on.

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Fight against hunger and poverty

In 1981, 550 million people worldwide are undernourished. Over 60,000 uprooted people live in the Ogaden camps alone. In the embattled region of Africa between Somalia and Ethiopia, refugee misery and famine are worse than anywhere else in the world.

The dialogue between the wealthy and the poor countries is to begin in the Mexican seaside resort of Cancún. With the help of the United Nations, the countries are striving for more global cooperation, but this goal is watered down by ambiguous formulas.


In the port of the Angolan city of Luanda there are 60 ships that cannot be unloaded. The port facilities are broken and cannot be repaired due to a lack of spare parts. The Angolan government costs money every day, making deliveries that are already too expensive. The trade necessary for the north only pays off in the young states for the few functionaries and technocrats in the capital.

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Fight against coronavirus: how the armed forces and churches are helping

The Bundeswehr now also wants to intervene more intensively in the fight against the corona virus. Reservists are to be used in Bundeswehr hospitals. The churches face a very special challenge.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has promised to help the Bundeswehr in the fight against the new type of corona virus. "We plan at all levels in such a way that we can safely cover all critical areas – including what administrative assistance is in store for us," said Kramp-Karrenbauer of "Welt am Sonntag".

Reservists for Bundeswehr hospitals

The Bundeswehr has just called on its reservists to report to help in the Bundeswehr hospitals. The Bundeswehr is already providing administrative assistance to the Federal Ministry of Health with its procurement office, said Kramp-Karrenbauer.

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Fight against child pornography: raid against 50 suspects

After the raids in connection with the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex yesterday, the investigators released details. There are two women among the 50 suspects. No arrest warrants were carried out.

There were raids in twelve federal states against 50 suspects who are said to have owned or distributed child pornographic material – after the police action in the vicinity of the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex yesterday, the investigators in Cologne gave details.

Accordingly, 60 objects were searched during the action, as the head of the "Berg" investigative commission, Michael Esser, announced. 1,000 police officers were on duty and more than 2,000 pieces of evidence were seized. Among other things, these are data carriers, said Esser. The evaluation will take up a lot of time. Among other things, safes were also secured.

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Fight against african swine fever: peter hauk recommends mass killing of wild boars

Multiply rapidly: wild boars Photo: dpa

The fewer wild boars, the lower the risk of African swine fever spreading. In order to decimate the stock, Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk recommends drastic measures.

Stuttgart – According to Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk (CDU), the best way to prevent the spread of African swine fever is through mass killing of wild boars. “A noticeable reduction in the population cannot be achieved with hunting alone,” Hauk told our newspaper. You have to be realistic. “That is why we will have to install traps and traps into which the wild boars are lured in order to then kill them in accordance with animal welfare standards.” The animal rights activists “do not particularly like” this, but it is an effective means of reducing the population. Wild boars are considered to be carriers of the disease. Hauk: "The higher their density, the faster the disease can spread."

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Fifa world cup awards: self-service mentality

Unexpectedly, FIFA published the Garcia report on awarding the World Cup to Russia and Qatar. Many details confirm the self-service mentality of the officials. FIFA boss Blatter and executive member Beckenbauer are listed.

FIFA has gone on the offensive in the ongoing debate about the scandalous World Cup awards to Russia and Qatar and has published the Garcia report, which has long been kept under wraps. In the 430-page document by the US lawyer Michael Garcia from 2014, more or less serious violations of practically all World Cup applicants at the time against the ethical rules of the world football association are described.

However, Garcia was apparently unable to find clear evidence of a targeted influence on the World Cup vote on December 2, 2010 in his two-year investigations. However, it is also clear that significantly more disreputable material was collected against Qatar than against Russia. In his summary, Garcia concludes that FIFA electors in particular did not obey the rules.

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Fifa boss in the "panama papers": infantinos deals with the tv rights

The new FIFA boss Gianni Infantino wants to do away with the corrupt past of the association. But old marketing rights contracts from his time as head of the UEFA legal department now raise questions. Infantino rejected all accusations that evening.

By Jan Lukas Strozyk, NDR

Gianni Infantino took office as FIFA President at the end of February with a promise to reform the now disreputable association. He wanted to usher in a "new era", said Infantino in his inaugural speech, in which "football is finally the focus again". A contract from September 2006 can now make Infantino difficult to explain. At that time the Swiss was still employed by the European football association UEFA. At that time he was head of the legal department and three years later he was promoted to general secretary of the association.

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Fiat wants to take over opel

The Italian car company Fiat is apparently about to take over its German competitor Opel. The head of the general works council of the Russelsheim company, Klaus Franz, confirmed a corresponding report from "Spiegel Online" to the German press agency.

The Prime Minister of Hesse, Roland Koch, confirmed that Fiat and the auto supplier Magna are interested in Opel. The CDU politician did not want to comment on details of the negotiations. Most recently, Fiat had rejected an interest in Opel.

Opel wants to part with the ailing US parent GM and is looking for an investor. Chancellor Angela Merkel named it as a requirement for a state guarantee.

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Fiat wants to keep all four german opel plants

The Italian Fiat group says it wants to keep all of the automaker’s German plants if it joins Opel. At the same time, jobs should be eliminated. "We do not want to close any of the four Opel plants in Germany. I need the plants in the future to build enough cars," said Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne of the "Bild" newspaper.

What will happen to the Kaiserslautern plant?

Federal Minister of Economics Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg had previously in the Daily Topics declared that Fiat had promised to receive the three final assembly plants in Russelsheim, Bochum and Eisenach. The fate of the engine and component plant in Kaiserslautern still seems to be open to him.

There, the statements of the Fiat boss were received with reluctance. If Fiat does not want to manufacture components, it is logical that the plant in Kaiserslautern is in question, said Alfred Klingel, chairman of the works council rbb info radio. Guttenberg must now make it clear that in such a case, Opel could not be sold to the Italian car manufacturer.

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Fiat subsidiary: lancia: the transatlantic alliance

The Lancia Flavia offers fresh air fun for four people. Photo: manufacturer

Lancia occupies a niche with the Flavia. The convertible is intended to consolidate corporate relationships.

The joy is great: after 79 years, Lancia has its own four-seater convertible in its range again. However, the Flavia is far from being a thoroughbred Italian – rather, it is a real American with an Italo pocket square: Since the Fiat group incorporated Chrysler, Chrysler models have been operating under the brand name Lancia in mainland Europe. The Flavia is the Chrysler 200, successor to the Sebring – a remarkable convertible, especially when it comes to price. As if it weren’t complicated enough: The realization that light and shadow are known to be close together certainly applies to the Flavia. Even when it is closed, the vehicle stands mightily there – the front section is chic with elongated headlights that frame the radiator grille.

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