Pop rocky store in stuttgart: shopping at rocker 33

Photo: Pop Rocky

Alternative to the dominant shopping chains: since the weekend you have been getting chic clothes from designers at Rocker 33 in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart – Since Saturday there has been a bit of variety in the relatively streamlined fashion retail trade in Stuttgart: In Rocker 33, more precisely on the ground floor, which has been simply trading under the name 33 for some time, pops every Saturday, and only on Saturdays, the Pop Rocky Pop- Up store on. Basically shopping first, then disco and not: shoveling today, shopping tomorrow. The goods are brought in and out every week.

Pop Rocky is a local fashion label that has quickly made a name for itself globally with idiosyncratic t-shirt prints. So far, the articles could only be ordered online. The internet is not always everything, of course there is a lack of feel, and so makers longed for an opportunity to bring the parts to women and men in their hometown. Furthermore, in the age of the dominant chains, there was a lack of variety in the local fashion market. The alternatives to H&M, Zara, Esprit and Co. are, especially in the city center, rather rare and many labels from national and international emerging and hip designers are not even available in this country.

They didn’t want to complain about this fact any more, but instead wanted to take the reins into their own hands and create an alternative for all fashion. The rocker was quickly convinced of the idea, they designed a mobile shop concept and ordered extraordinary shirts, sweaters, jackets, dresses and accessories for him and her from designers around the world, some of which are not yet available in Germany. There is also a platform for other local fashion designers. Drinks and music from the DJ round off the new shopping experience in the club.

Pop Rocky Pop-Up Store im 33 (Rocker 33 below), entrance via the backyard, Lautenschlagerstra├če Opening on Saturday May 11, 2013 opening hours: every Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.