Women as policymakers do make a difference

Women as policymakers do change lives

Thushyanthan Baskaran, Zohal Hessami

The actual fact that women are underrepresented in politics is often considered a significant social problem. But why should it be considered a problem? This column argues that whenever too little women hold political office, political decisions might not adequately reflect women’s needs and preferences. Using the exemplory case of the general public provision of childcare in Germany, it demonstrates municipalities with an increased share of female councillors expand public childcare quicker. The fact that the current presence of women has substantive effects on policies ought to be considered in current debates around the introduction of gender quotas in politics.

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6 Top mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to proceed instead

Every entrepreneurial journey is exclusive, however the mistakes entrepreneurs make aren’t.

The procedure of planning, launching and running your own business is a heady time, filled with extended hours and exciting challenges. Pure adrenaline, excitement and sometimes plenty of caffeine propel new entrepreneurs through hazy days that often come across each other. Some days, it feels as though there isn’t time to breathe, significantly less reflect.

That’s why it’s imperative to pinpoint the known danger spots that may trap new entrepreneurs before they get caught by those traps. Listed below are six top mistakes new entrepreneurs often make, along with tips about list of positive actions instead.

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